Lexie Avery, MS '15

Senior Assistant Director, Early Engagement and Exploration

Lexie is an alumna of Binghamton University having completed her Masters degree in Literacy Education in 2015. In her current role, she focuses on early engagement efforts including the EXPLORE program, Connections for Success and other strategic initiatives to get students engaged early and often in career services. Lexie also manages the Graduate Assistant Program and the Student Staff and Intern Programs, which includes supervision, training and hiring of our undergraduate and graduate staff. With her background in education, she works to teach students how to use their experiences and skills in order to explore and create action plans for their futures.

What is your favorite thing about working at Binghamton University?
My favorite thing is how creative the students are and how passionate they are about reaching their goals. I love connecting with a student and helping them understand how their involvement and passions can translate to meaningful career choices. I also love working with our student staff that work so hard to educate and support their peers through their career development.

What was your first internship or job?
I babysat a lot but my first job was working at Aeropostale in the mall (I didn’t last long there).

What are you passionate about?
With a background in teaching, I love helping students think and engage differently with their experiences. I love the ‘lightbulb’ moment for students when something clicks and action can come from that.

What is your best piece of career or professional advice?
Never put yourself in a box. You’ll always be asked to pick a path or commit to a major, but there are so many possibilities and opportunities to use your unique experiences and skillsets in…so think beyond the box!

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