Broome County and NYC summer government internships now accepting applications!

If you are planning to stay in Broome County for the summer, there are a wide array of internships available for various focus areas within our local government system, such as Parks and Recreation, Human Services, Marketing, Health, Science, Engineering, and Law Enforcement, just to name a few! 

If you are from the New York City area and are returning home for the summer, there are also several opportunities for government internships there, as well! Current openings include work within Civil Service, Law, Parks, and the CUNY system, among many others. 

All of these internships can enable you to strengthen your transferable skills such as verbal and written communication, teamwork, and data analysis, all while gaining industry-specific knowledge and building meaningful professional connections that can lead to future job opportunities within government.  

Compensation for your internship: 

If one of the above internships catches your attention, but you are concerned about it being unpaid, you may qualify for internship funding to support you as you gain this valuable work experience. Applications for internship funding are being accepted on a rolling basis with the final submission deadline being June 8.

In addition to internship funding, the Fleishman Center also offers upper-level academic credit for most internships! Attend one of our information sessions in April to learn more about our asynchronous CDCI395  course and how it can enhance your internship experience and maximize your professional development. 

Preparing your internship application:

Check out our Career Guide for all sorts of excellent tips for polishing your application materials, such as your resume and cover letter, as well as guides for how to reach out and network with potential employers in a professional manner.  

You got an interview! Now what?

You may have heard of the resource Big Interview as a tool to refine your responses to common interview questions, but did you know that there are also interview modules specifically tailored for government positions? Log on and practice responding to both general interview questions as well as industry-specific questions ahead of time so that you can reduce your nerves the day of the interview and build your confidence in your ability to articulate your skills. This intentional preparation will help you make it crystal clear to employers why you are the perfect fit for this internship!

When should you apply?

According to Princeton’s Center for Career Development, the hiring season for Government jobs typically lasts from August through May, and from September through June for Public Service jobs. This suggests that now is a great time to apply for a summer internship! 

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Need help with application materials? Fleishman’s got your back!

Be sure to book an appointment with a Fleishman Center career consultant or come to our walk-in hours from 12:00pm to 4:00pm on weekdays to go over your application materials and prepare for your interview. Appointments with professional staff continue throughout the summer, as well. Your dream internship awaits!

By Erin Hansen
Erin Hansen Career Education and Outreach Specialist