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The BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP career cluster focuses on careers that utilize management and leadership skills, communications skills, data analytics and quantitative skills. Explore opportunities in finance, accounting, sales, management, start-ups, as well as resources connected to entrepreneurship.

Explore career options in Business & Entrepreneurship

Alumni Spotlight: Christopher Woloshyn ‘20, Sr. Data Scientist at Ernst & Young LLP!

Christopher Woloshyn is an example of how to make the most of your time ant Binghamton University. Read about Christopher’s time as a Residental Assistant (RA) and how he double majored in Mathematics and Cinema!

By Jen Carrieri
Jen Carrieri Senior Student Engagement Specialist
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From Novice to Certified: Leveraging SEO & Communications Towards Success

Exploring the Nexus of Storytelling, Communications, and SEO: My Journey through Binghamton University Workshops

It all started with a casual conversation at a networking event, where a seasoned professional advised me to delve deeper into the realm of marketing and …

By Samantha Weng
Samantha Weng
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Is a 4+1 MBA for You? 

Image by freepik

Exploring Perspectives from Current Students in the Program

For many students, the decision to pursue higher education extends beyond the bounds of their undergraduate studies. It’s a pathway paved with choices that can shape their future career …

By Ry Rugova
Ry Rugova
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Brewing Success: Mastering Coffee Chats on LinkedIn

In today’s interconnected world, networking has transcended physical boundaries. Platforms like LinkedIn have become the modern-day social media platform where professionals gather to exchange ideas, seek opportunities, and foster meaningful connections. Among the plethora of networking techniques, the art of …

By Samantha Weng
Samantha Weng
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Commonly Asked Business & Entrepreneurship Interview Questions

Use this resource as a guide through interviewing, specifically related to the Business & Entrepreneurship career cluster. Remember to review …

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