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Affinity Communities

The Fleishman Center is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as guiding principles.  Due to this commitment, we provide student-centered career consulting and events, our JC Penny Suit Up event, Runway to Career Success Fashion Show, access to funds for the pursuit of internships, Diversity Roundtables, Multicultural Career Flip Fair, and Visions Financial Wellness walk-in hours, as well as collaborative programming with student organizations that are held throughout the year. 

Affinity groups are based on a shared identity or common goal to enhance community and networking among members of underserved student populations.  Affinity groups can foster community and inclusion through mentors, allies, and peers, assist with making the broader campus community aware of marginalized group’s perspectives and concerns, and advocate for programs and events to meet the needs of underserved student populations. 

Our intention with these pages is to:

  • Connect students with like-minded peers, alumni, faculty, and staff

  • Provide underserved students with resources to enable college success and career readiness

  • Create a central location for students to learn about Fleishman Center events and events across campus

As unique individuals, students may have characteristics and identities that intersect with several affinity groups. We recommend that you join any affinity group that you identify with so that you can network and explore helpful resources. 

Get Ready for the Spring Job and Internship Fairs – Attend International Student Career Success Week!

2017 Spring Job and Internship Fair

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Top 5 ways to be more productive


Top 5 ways to be more productive

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3 Ways to Explore Your Career


Exploring your career can feel very overwhelming! Students often feel pressured to make the “right” choice but who determines if it’s the right choice or not? Finding a career that aligns with your strengths, values, and interests requires you to …

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Lexie Avery, MS '15 Assistant Director, Early Engagement and Exploration Lexie Avery, MS
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