Marketing Study Abroad Experience

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This past semester, I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain. Staying with a host family, taking courses in Spanish, and volunteering at an English-language learning school were all experiences that I will never forget. Now that I am back at Binghamton, …

By Maya Tierney
Maya Tierney Maya Tierney
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Working in Social Justice: Why 90% of People Would Sacrifice Money for Meaning (With Example Career Paths)


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By: Jamie Birt

Jamie Birt is a career coach with 3+ years of experience helping job seekers navigate the job search through one-to-one coaching, webinars and events. She’s motivated by the …

By Erin Wise
Erin Wise Erin Wise
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Leveraging Your Writing Skills


When your professor assigns you a lengthy research paper that is causing you to stress, it’s not always easy to see how valuable writing skills are when applying for jobs. You might think – why do I have to write this?  …

By Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17
Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17 Career Consultant Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17
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Feeling Distracted By Current Events? How to Stay Focused and Productive at Work


Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the national unrest of the past couple of months, many people are feeling overwhelmed and distracted by the news cycle.  And with your news feed vying for your attention at all times, it can feel …

By Sophia Givre - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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