The EXPLORING career cluster focuses on career exploration and self-discovery through exposure to a diverse array of career field information, career exploration events, and opportunities to connect with alumni and employers from a variety of fields.

How I Stay Active in Evaluating my Career Options

As a sophomore at Binghamton University, a resource that I learned about from the Fleishman Center that has helped me think about my career goals is Candid Career.

For those reading this that might be unfamiliar with Candid Career, I …

By Kaitlyn Ip
Kaitlyn Ip Student Career Influencer
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Creating Passion and Confidence in my Writing Skills

The most impactful class I took happened to be the Spring semester of freshman year. The class I took was Writing 111, a class specifically created for freshmen to help build their writing and presentation skills. One reason why Writing …

By Eliana Gorfinkel
Eliana Gorfinkel Senior Peer Consultant
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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Developing Transferable Skills

This semester, I have the opportunity of being a part of Binghamton University’s Zionist Organization’s (BUZO) E-Board, serving the the education chair. BUZO’s mission is to educate and advocate the student body on Israel and what it means to be …

By Eliana Gorfinkel
Eliana Gorfinkel Senior Peer Consultant
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The Linkedin Features that Students are not Taking Advantage of

Is Linkedin a job board or a social media platform? I believe it’s both, which is what makes it so valuable. Linkedin has many useful features that students rarely take advantage of. Here are some of the features I use …

By Claire Brenner
Claire Brenner
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