Exploring Interests and Careers

Exploring Interests and Careers

Choosing a career can be both exciting and intimidating. Most students are unsure about what to major in, and it is common for students to change their minds about a major or career.

The Fleishman Center is here to help you when making these important decisions. Our team of Career Consultants can provide you with the tools, resources and guidance needed to choose a career that reflects your own values, strengths and interests.

While some careers, like nursing or engineering, require a specific undergraduate major, many industries and employers welcome students in all majors. What will be more important to your career success is taking the time to choose a major that matches your interests and in which you can do well, while engaging in meaningful extra-curricular activities—including clubs, volunteering, research and internships—outside the classroom.

Explore Your Interests and Make Meaningful Connections

The Fleishman Center has developed a number of award-winning programs designed to introduce you to a variety of fields that may interest you. In addition to participating in our programs, self assessment tools are an excellent place to start when making career choices such as choosing a major, exploring occupations and determining a career plan. These tools can help you identify work interests, personal Interests, strengths and values and relate them to the world of work. Self-reflection and understanding are a great starting point to help identify possible career paths and environments that allow you to be your best.

Explore Careers and Make Meaningful Connections

Career exploration tools can help you understand what careers exist, what particular jobs are like, how much you can earn in a specific career, and other useful information to help you make informed decisions about possible careers. We also offer a variety of programs to help you connect with successful alumni and professionals in a variety of fields.

Featured Resources

Assessment for exploring how your interests, skills and values relate to various career options.  ($15 Fee)

2-credit online career exploration course for students who are uncertain about their major/career paths.

MBTI is an assessment tool that can help you better understand your own tendencies and preferences. ($15 Fee)

Career Exploration Guide: Assessing Interests, Making Connections & Creating a Plan

Learn how to identify your interests as they relate to careers, making connections and develop your individual career plan.

This exercise will help you narrow down your academic interests, explore potential career fields and establish career goals!

Virtual Job and Internship Fair: Friday, Sept. 23 from 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in hireBING by Handshake.

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Featured Classes

Career Exploration Course (CDCI 200)

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