Connections for Success Sophomore Retreat

Retreat Details

Connections for Success is a free, award-winning professional development and leadership retreat for sophomores. This weekend-long program, led by alumni, employers and staff, engages you in conversations and helps you to develop both personally and professionally. Transportation, food, and lodging are provided by the Fleishman Center.

Throughout the retreat, interactive sessions provide you with the tools necessary to be a competitive applicant for jobs and internships. Past speakers include executives from companies such as Indeed, Macy’s, Visions, EY and more!

Participating students will:

  • Build authentic connections with alumni, employers, staff and peers
  • Understand the value of transferable skills; how to articulate those skills on a resume, in a cover letter and through interview experiences
  • Explore strengths, weaknesses and values and how they help make informed decisions
  • Engage peers/professionals with various backgrounds and lived experiences in an effort to expand perspectives
  • Enhance competence in the following areas in accordance with the National Association for Colleges and Employers Career Readiness Competencies; critical thinking/problem solving, oral/written communication, teamwork/collaboration, digital technology, leadership, professionalism/work ethic, career management and global/intercultural fluency

Past sessions include:

  • Speed networking
  • Interviewing workshops
  • S’mores
  • And many more!

Next Retreat Date: TBD

Student Testimonials

I am more optimistic about my future career and goals than I was before. I learned so much from listening to the alumni’s experiences and learned practical strategies I could apply to job hunting and interviews.

Connections for Success not only provided the space to reflect on my experiences at Binghamton University but also equipped me with the tools to start preparing for life after Binghamton. From the planned sessions with professionals who were once in our shoes to the time spent getting to know my fellow classmates, this experience challenged me to reach beyond my comfort zone. By the end of the weekend, I walked away with more than professional connections, I gained friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with at Binghamton University.

Student Eligibility

Students must be sophomores to attend, having completed one year of college to participate in this program. Sophomores from all schools and majors are invited to apply.


Contact  with any questions about this program.