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Recent Graduates

Those who graduated from Binghamton University less than 6 months ago are able to meet with career consultants. Schedule an appointment in hireBING and let us help you with your job search, grad school applications, networking and more. 

All Alumni

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and the Office of Alumni Engagement sponsor a variety of online career resources for current students and alumni:

  • hireBING by HandshakeKeep your hireBING account for life! Alumni can use hireBING to search for new opportunities and connect with employers through virtual events.
  • Big Interview: Have an interview coming up? Log into the Big Interview platform with your Binghamton account to prepare. This software features a large library of practice questions that can be filtered by industry, job title and level. Use Big Interview’s AI feedback tool to record yourself answering questions and get insight on your answers.
  • CareerShift: This powerful tool can help you navigate your job search. Store job postings from various job boards and company websites, find emails and contact information for professionals at different companies, track timelines and more.
  • Resume and CV templates: Need a resume refresh? Use one of our preformatted templates to get started.

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Sharing your story will inspire and encourage current students! We continuously hear from students about how much they look forward to opportunities to learn more about how fellow Bearcats have turned their Binghamton degree into a career. Students will benefit immensely from your wisdom and advice. Alumni have contributed to the Fleishman Career Center in the following ways:

  • Sharing advice. How did you get your first job out of college? What was it like moving to a new city? How do you manage work/life balance? What surprised you the most about starting your career? Sharing advice about topics like these will help students prepare well for the working world. 
  • Industry insights. Is there a certain skill or ability that gives a professional a leg up in your industry? Are there any trends on the horizon that students should be aware of? Tell us! This insight helps students stay knowledgeable about the industries they’re hoping to enter and gives them tips for success. 
  • College to career stories. Was there a certain club, class or on-campus job that really helped you to get to where you are today? Did your job with campus rec help you find a passion for sports management, or did an event you ran for the Cheese Club become a big talking point in your job interview? We’d love to hear about it! These stories inspire our students and help them see how their campus involvement can help them make career moves.

Become a voice on our platforms

Alumni stories are so engaging and interesting for students! The Fleishman Career Center is always looking for alumni to share their experiences and advice with students through blogs, social media features and website articles. Please fill out our external blog form to contribute content that we can publish on our website, blog platform or social media. 

Participate in an event

The Fleishman Career Center regularly hosts alumni events, such as panels and skills labs. These events are opportunities for Binghamton students to connect with and learn from alumni who have career paths that interest them. Contact us at if you are interested in participating in an event, in-person or virtually.

Speak in classes

Alumni have the opportunity to help students connect the skills and knowledge they gain from the classroom to a career or industry of interest through class presentations. Whether you have advice for students trying to find their way through college or a case study from your career that could teach students some useful industry techniques, you can bring this knowledge and wisdom to a Binghamton classroom. Contact us at careers@binghamton.eduif this is something that might interest you.

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CONNECT with Binghamton students and alumni across the country

The CONNECT program is traveling to a city near you! The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, in partnership with the Office of Alumni Engagement, brings students to cities across the country for a series of Employer Treks and alumni Networking Nights. Alumni have an opportunity to connect with other alumni, current students and University staff at Networking Night and/or through hosting an Employer Trek. These events are excellent opportunities to meet other alumni in your city and stay connected with the University. Currently, our program visits the following locations yearly:

  • New York City (Manhattan)
  • Boston
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California

Reach out to if you would be interested in attending Networking Night in your city or hosting an Employer Trek at your office!

Attend the Job and Internship Fair

Alumni are welcome to attend the Binghamton University Job and Internship Fairs. 

  • Fall: The Fall Job and Internship Fair is our largest recruiting event of the year and typically sees around 150 employer attendees from all industries.
  • Spring: The Spring Job and Internship Fairs are broken down into smaller, more industry-focused events. 

For more information about the next Job and Internship Fair, visit our fair page

Mentorship opportunities

Binghamton University’s Mentor Match platform connects members of the Binghamton University community with similar interests and career trajectories. Binghamton alumni can serve as both mentors and mentees on this platform. Share your career wisdom with current students while also using the platform to connect with senior professionals in your industry. There is so much to gain from being an active member of Mentor Match!

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Do you wish you were surrounded by more Binghamton alumni at your organization? We can help with that! Reach out to us at hirebing@binghamton.eduand we can discuss setting up a stronger recruiting relationship between Binghamton University and your organization. 

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