Indigenous Peoples Day Alumni Spotlight: Alan Kriesel

In honor of International Day of The Worlds Indigenous Peoples, The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development interviewed Watson alumni Alan Kriesel. Read below to learn more!

1)Please share any background information such as your previous major/year of graduation, any organizations you were involved in and any information you’d like to share regarding your previous career positions and current role.

I grew up out in the country in Campville, N.Y about 20 miles west of B.U, attending Owego Free Academy High School.  I commuted to college getting my A.S degree in Business Administration from SUNY Broome (graduated 5/83), then I transferred to B.U getting my B.S degree in Industrial Technology (graduated 12/84) from the Watson School.  I worked 3 summers at IBM in the Endicott and Glendale plants. I am Mohawk Native American and my tribe originates from Eastern Upstate N.Y. I am an early retired Engineer, I worked in the defense aerospace and the telecom industries during my career.

2)What would be your biggest piece of advice for current students?

Make sure you determine the current and projected demand for your field of study- the economy can change rapidly affecting the demand for your future occupation.  This happened to me, when I got my degree most U.S companies made their products and now very few do.  This caused more job changes than I would have liked, living and working in an area I would rather not be in, just to remain employed.  The 3 biggest factors to your success in your studies and career are motivation, determination and focus.

3.What programs or resources helped you the most during your undergraduate career?

The Professors were always available to help and seemed to have a genuine desire that the student succeeded.

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By Tiffany Soto
Tiffany Soto Diversity Engagement Specialist