3 Ways to Get Connected this Semester

Reconnecting or connecting for the first time can be a challenge! You might be used to ways you have been involved in the past but Binghamton is a newer experience and so getting involved can be a great way to reconnect or get connected for the first time. 

Here are three ways to reconnect this semester!

Get Involved in Your Residential Community

There are over 7,000 students living on campus and a variety of different ways to get involved. Each residential community has an e-board that puts on events, programs and builds community among the residents. There are also e-boards in each building so it’s an additional way to build community, develop leadership skills and explore strengths you have and how you might want to use those in a career. Your network can be a key tool to learn about different career paths and resources on campus that can support your career and academic success. 

Talk with your RA or an e-board member in your community about ways you can help get involved and contribute to the culture in your building and beyond. 

Join a Club or Student Organization

Getting involved with a club or organization is a great way to find peers with similar interests or to try something new! B-Engaged is a great tool for students to filter through organizations you may be interested in and reach out to learn how to get involved. Student involvement is a great way to develop skill sets through being active as a member OR gaining experience as an intern or committee/e-board member. There is even an opportunity to grow in responsibility over time as you’re involved in the organization which can help you dive deeper into areas of career interest. 

Clubs and organizations will be posting their GIMs (general interest meetings) and events they will be hosting on B-Engaged so check it out!

Dive into Community Engaged Learning or Volunteering

Working with the community is not only rewarding but it can help you feel connected to the community and explore career paths. Check out the Center for Civic Engagements service listings and all of the other programs they offer. There are also student organizations on campus with a community service function too, the Student Volunteer Center is just one way you can connect. 


Reconnecting can be an adjustment but we are so excited to have you back on campus and wanting to engage in the campus community!

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Career Readiness