Looking for a job that supports children and families in NYC?

Children’s Corps links individuals who are passionate about supporting families with full-time positions at agencies within the NYC child welfare system. Members receive pre-service training and ongoing support that enhances their work in child welfare.

The majority of applicants graduate shortly before beginning with with Children’s Corps. Many want to make a difference in the lives of children and families but aren’t sure where to start their job search. Accepted corps members are matched with a partner agency and there they complete a two-year commitment in either foster care or prevention. Congruently, Children’s Corps provides ongoing individualized support and training as they navigate this field.

The application can be found on our website along with an abundance of other information about the process. This opportunity is open to anyone who will have a BA or MSW by July 4, 2023. Please submit your application by Feb 13 to be considered for Round 1 interviews and find additional information on Handshake.

Go to https://www.fosteringchangeforchildren.org/apply-cc and submit an application today.

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships