Finding Fellowships for Graduate Students

There are two types of fellowships for graduate students portable and institutional. While institutional fellowships requires students to study in the approved school, portable fellowships allow more flexibility for students as they can choose the institution they want to attend that aligns with their research interest and goals. Institutions often offer students graduate and teaching assistantships rather than fellowships, so it would be also advised to request this when choosing a graduate institution. There are three types of fellowships: institutional, federal, or non-governmental. And oftentimes fellowships are targeted to a specific student population or area of study. provides a list of fellowships that graduate student can consider.

Browse Graduate Fellowships:

Graduate students can also seek out fellowships for their dissertation after they are already enrolled in their graduate program. Many federal and independent organizations give grants and fellowships for dissertation research in specific areas of interest. These are often competitive and only a few students are selected.

Besides checking your graduate school and research center for fellowship and grant sources, you can also check the Graduate Students – and also for federal fellowships and grants.

There are also fellowship and scholarship search sites in different fields. For example, APSIA is an organization that has a search engine for fellowship and scholarships in the international affairs field. Profellow has a database for fellowships and scholarships in public service. They post open calls for fellowships, grants and fully funded graduate programs annually at Open Calls for Application. Pathwaystoscience provides programs and resources for prospective and current STEM graduate students.

You can check out these fellowship offerings and also make a counseling appointment on Handshake to discuss Internship and Professional Development Funding opportunities at the Fleishman Center. You can also check Internship Funding Opportunities website for descriptions of each funding opportunity.

By Ozzy Girit Heck (Ph.D.)
Ozzy Girit Heck (Ph.D.) Career Success Program Specialist