12 ways diverse job seekers can tell if they’ll be welcomed by a new employer

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12 ways diverse job seekers can tell if they’ll be welcomed by a new employer was originally published on College Recruiter.

Under U.S. labor laws and those of many other countries and even regions within countries, there can be dozens of characteristics that might make you “diverse” in the eyes of the law and, therefore, might offer you some protections from discriminatory employment practices. But few candidates who consider themselves diverse want to get into a fight with a potential or current employer. To these candidates, the less drama the better, even if the drama is coming from the employer and is of no fault of the candidate.

Candidates might consider themselves to be diverse because they’re black, indigenous, or otherwise people of color (BIPOC); lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+); first-generation; Latino; economically disadvantaged; women; or some combination of these or other characteristics. If you don’t want the fight or, put another way, the drama, then you’re going to want to avoid working for an organization that is likely to discriminate against you. But how can you know before you go to work for them?

1. Research the Company: Look into the company’s mission statement, values, and diversity policies on its official website. Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion often highlight these aspects in their public-facing materials.

2. Check Their Track Record: Look for any news articles, press releases, or reports that discuss the company’s diversity initiatives, achievements, and efforts. Have they received any awards or recognition for their diversity and inclusion practices?

3. Review Their Website and Social Media: Companies that value diversity usually feature diverse employees on their website, share stories of diverse employees’ experiences, and post content related to inclusivity on their social media platforms.

4. Employee Testimonials: Use websites like Glassdoor or Indeed to read reviews and testimonials from current or former employees. Look for mentions of the company’s inclusivity efforts, work culture, and experiences of diverse employees.

5. Networking: Connect with current or former employees on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Reach out to them to ask about their experiences with diversity and inclusion within the company.

6. Job Interview Experience: Pay attention to your interactions during the job interview process. Are the interviewers and interview panels diverse? Do they ask questions related to diversity and inclusion? Are they open to discussing how the company values diverse perspectives?

7. Inclusive Language: Listen for inclusive language during interviews or communication with company representatives. Companies that are welcoming to diverse candidates often use inclusive language that acknowledges different backgrounds and experiences.

8. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Inquire about any employee resource groups or affinity networks that the company might have. These groups are often created to support and empower underrepresented employees.

9. Benefits and Policies: Ask about the company’s diversity training programs, mentorship opportunities, and policies related to equal pay, promotion, and advancement. Robust policies indicate a commitment to diversity.

10. Ask Directly: During the interview process, it’s acceptable to ask about the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. You can inquire about their initiatives, representation, and how they foster an inclusive work environment.

11. Attend Events: If the company hosts webinars, workshops, or events related to diversity and inclusion, consider attending to get a sense of their approach and the topics they prioritize.

12. Trust Your Gut Feeling: Sometimes, you can get a sense of a company’s culture and inclusivity based on your intuition. If something feels off or if your concerns aren’t adequately addressed, it might be a sign to explore other opportunities.

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