Outober: Student Organization Spotlight- SHADES

In honor of LGBTQ+ History Month, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development has interviewed the organization SHADES.

  1. What are a few upcoming events that your organization plans/is currently involved in?

SHADES’ main big event we want everyone to look out for is our annual Vogue Ball. The SHADES Vogue Ball highlights queer ballroom culture that was created by Black and Latine individuals. This ballroom culture is the basis for much of the current queer culture that is seen now. This year the theme inspiration is Beyoncé’s album Renaissance as it has many ballroom and house influences. Our event is set to be on November 10th at 8PM in the Union’s Mandela room! Tickets are currently on sale! You can follow us on Instagram @shades.bing for more ticket sale information.

  1. What skills can members gain from being a part of your organization? 

SHADES is a queer poc-centered organization, being a general body member of SHADES allows you to be exposed to many different identities and will help you understand many different perspectives. Also, we open intern applications each semester for a chance to join our Eboard. On Eboard you can gain many skills like event planning/hosting, collaboration, leadership, and other organizational skills.

  1. What advice might you give to fellow LGBTQ+ students on campus?

Advice we would give to fellow LGBTQ+ students is to know that you are not alone on this campus. It is important to find your own support system and there are many resources available to help accomplish that. The Q-center is a very helpful resource in terms of connecting with queer students on campus. As for queer poc students, the Q-center is still a very viable resource, however, sometimes it can be hard to find a space of intersectionality of both your cultural and your queer identity. SHADES can help in that aspect as our main goal is to provide a space for queer poc students.

  1. How can students connect with your organization?

The best way to connect with our organization is through our instagram page @shades.bing. However we have a link to our other platforms which includes our listserv, discord, and groupme!

By Alexandria Mavila
Alexandria Mavila Senior Peer Consultant