How to Make the Most of Your College Experience & Gain Transferable Skills for Entering the World of Business

College is such an optimal time to get involved in your community, network, and most importantly have fun! study! (and also have a little fun.) There’s so many things you can do to enrich your college experience while increasing your transferable skills that can amp up your resume and keep you involved. 

  1. Join Clubs (but seriously, join clubs)

I know everyone STRESSES in college that clubs are so vital, but I’m here to tell you firsthand that they are. From my personal experience, I wasn’t very involved in clubs my freshman year and in my sophomore year and junior year when I had gotten more immersed it made a world of difference. You not only meet so many new people and create new friendships, but you can actually take part in exciting activities and events that keep you busy (in a good way.) If you’re constantly doing school all the time it’s going to take a toll on your mental health, having balance to-do wholesome activities can really amp up your energy and motivation throughout the semester. This can be related to your career or more geared towards your individual interests.

Beyond mental health and stability, clubs can also amp up your resume! By being in clubs and being multi-faceted, it can really help show employers that you are involved and capable of doing more than just school. Joining club e-boards can also aid in tying in your career to a club of interest, for example if you gain a marketing position for a fashion club or a finance position within your robotics club. Bing U has 450+ clubs and organizations, you’re bound to find one you resonate with. Some great examples of business oriented clubs include Women in Business, The Business Fashion Society, or even BU Finance Society. However, as I said earlier, don’t feel confined to a business-related organization as many clubs have positions that can be applicable to future careers. 

  1. Look for CDCI Applicable Internships

Did you know that the Fleishman Center will sponsor your internship? If applicable, you can take advantage of having an internship for university credit! You are able to find one internally via handshake in the Fleishman Center, Food Pantry, etc. OR find your own off-campus and reach out to the Fleishman Center to see if it can be done for credit. This is such a great way to fulfill general education requirements and get credits to graduate while enriching your experience and resume. For more information, click this link.

  1. Use Your Resources!

Campus has everything you need and more to get your dream internship, job and get that resume ready to take on your job/internship search. If you haven’t already used the Fleishman Center, you MUST. They are here to help you with your resume, LinkedIn, or even help you search for jobs. (Go on Handshake to set up an appointment or walk in from 12-4 PM!) Beyond the Fleishman Center, B-Engaged is such an under-utilized resource that tells you about events such as various workshops, clinics and fairs that are oftentimes completely free! You’re not going to have a lot of these options outside of college, so it’s best to take a look now while you can. 

By Michael Lulaj
Michael Lulaj Student Career Influencer