Three Small Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Marketing Internship RIGHT NOW

  1. Use your resources the RIGHT way!

LinkedIn and Handshake are two job-searching platforms that can be so incredibly powerful if used properly. A lot of novices to either platform may not understand the importance of building a professional and marketable (haha) profile and persona via either app. However, recruiters are constantly scouting and searching for people either due to the school you attend or just using general keywords. If you market yourself the proper way, those keywords will lead to traffic towards your page! Even something as simple as putting “XYZ Industry” or “Seeking ___ Internship” in your headline can help tenfold.

If you want to be more of a go-getter, when applying for jobs via either platform, I strongly recommend directly messaging a recruiter if they are displayed on the job listing. No matter how much you want to avoid unnecessary interaction, building a connection is vital. In my experience, people have even said some recruiters do not view their applications and wait for people to come into their messages to show how much they want the position. This sets the people who want it apart from those who do not. Trust me, I’m not saying you will not receive a callback or follow-up from a job posting if you do not reach out, but it will never hurt to do. I wish I had done this more in the past as it can really set people apart.

  1. Use deadlines to your advantage!

Internships are always open for a majority of fields, but typically certain industries aim to recruit at similar times year after year (especially for the summer season.) Plenty of internships are open as we speak for the marketing space, but the time to really double-down is February-early Spring for deadlines. If you feel under-prepared currently, focus on the fall semester to build your portfolio and use campus resources to show how much of an asset you can be to a company this summer. Opportunities are everywhere, whether you realize it or not!

  1. Don’t fear lack of experience → Act on it! 

No experience? No problem! Except this time it’s actually true. As I said in the last point regarding deadlines, you have plenty of time to build up experience and properly market YOURSELF for your dream internship. There are so many little ways in which you can immerse yourself in the marketing space. Clubs and organizations around campus need marketing for GIMS, GBMs, events, fundraisers, etc. Whether you are already a part of them or not, there is always a way to help out. While running for certain marketing positions within organizations is ideal, put yourself out there and offer to help; marketing is hard and so much goes into running a successful campaign for events, so many would welcome the help. 

In these three simple steps you can get prepped for the marketing intern application season and set yourself up for success! Also, you should book a career consultation appointment today with a Fleishman Center staff member to help you prepare your application materials, search for internships, practice interviewing skills, and more! The most important tip of all is to be confident in all you do and believe in your own capabilities. You know more and can excel more than you think! With proper research and energy, you can get that marketing internship in no time!

By Michael Lulaj
Michael Lulaj Student Career Influencer