Student Organization Highlight: Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health Society

November is Career Development Month and the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development interviewed the Charles Drew Pre-Health Society.

1. What does professional development look like for you? How may have this changed over time?

Professional development is about immersing yourself in opportunities that enable you to either work directly /closely with your professional field of interest. It looks like volunteering and making connections in the areas that you see yourself. Over time thanks to social networking apps such as LinkedIn, it has become even more possible to get in touch with individuals throughout the world who can act as a guide and inspire you in regards to your field of interest.-Daniel, Educational Coordinator

2. What resources have been most beneficial in advancing your own professional development as a POC?

During my time at Binghamton, I found the most effective resources in professional development were the Fleishman Resume Workshop appointments and Peer advising. These two resources equipped me with information and models that I used as a guide for my four years here at Binghamton. The resume workshops helped me tailor how I presented myself to prospective employers which increased my responses from prospective positions. The peer advisors also helped in guiding me towards research opportunities and clubs to join that related to my major. -N’Senga, Activities Coordinator

3. What is the best advice you have received related to professional development?

It is never too early to start networking and talking to professionals in your dream career. It is important to go to events such as the Fleishman Career Fair or connect with Binghamton Alumni on LinkedIn who are currently in positions you are interested in. This can give you a head start with having an idea of what steps you need to take for the future and get closer to your goals! -Stephanie, Treasurer

It is good to put yourself out there and reach out to people who share similar passions. Building these relationships can help you in the future and it is helpful to have someone guide you through a process that can be stressful at times. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. -Ranali, Secretary

4. How can your organization support students in their career development?

Our organization can help support students in multiple ways. We run events that help students better understand the path to their chosen careers. We help students by running volunteer events and sending out opportunities each week that can help them develop their resumes and gain great experiences. -Yael, Academic Coordinator

We run a lot of events that expose students to various health-related careers and resources that are helpful to students of color and low-income students such as free certifications, workshops, career panels like medical students Q&A, internship informationals, post-bacc advising, and more! Overall, our organization provides a safe space for students to come and interact with individuals who share similar passions. We provide multiple opportunities to network with students and faculty and build connections that truly helps students develop their career.  -Raymond, Public Relations Coordinator

By Alexandria Mavila
Alexandria Mavila Senior Peer Consultant