Transformative Internship Opportunities with Multicultural Campus Organizations: NAACP and SHPE

Discover how these internship programs offered by multicultural organizations on campus provide invaluable experiences for students, fostering cultural understanding, leadership skills, and a global perspective. Explore the range of internships available and the impact they have on shaping tomorrow’s inclusive leaders!

To learn about particular internship programs, we had the pleasure of interviewing interns of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and ambassadors of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).

Ephesian (Tré) Miller is a first-year student majoring in Biology and is on the pre-dental track. He joined the NAACP’s internship program, and below he describes his experience.

Janelle Mosquera is a first-year student with an interest in engineering. She is an ambassador of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, otherwise known as SHPE.

How did you learn about this internship and what motivated you to decide to apply?

“I learned about this internship from my friend Gia. She’s a graduate student at Bing and is also on the National Board of Directors for the NAACP. I decided to apply because I felt the NAACP would teach me to speak out more and never be afraid to voice my opinion.” – Tré, NAACP intern

“I learned about the SHPE Ambassador position through the e-board during their general body meetings, also checking their Instagram helped out!” – Janelle, SHPE Ambassador

Why do you believe it is important to get involved in internships run by campus organizations?

“I believe it’s important to get involved in internships run by campus organizations because it allows you to network with others and be actively involved with things on campus.” – Tré, NAACP intern

“I feel being involved with organizations on campus via an internship is so important to building connections, making friends, and gaining experience you can add to your resume later on!” – Janelle, SHPE Ambassador

How do you feel this internship has helped you gain experience and build new skill sets?

“This internship has helped me gain experience in speaking out more. It has also taught me to think differently and generate new ideas. Another thing this internship has helped me gain experience in is event planning. One of our internship assignments was to plan an event that would occur later in the school year. I learned that a lot goes into planning and it’s not necessarily easy.” – Tré, NAACP intern

“I’ve been able to gain experience in connecting with the Binghamton community, I learned how to better work with a team, and how to give constructive criticism in a helpful manner.” – Janelle, SHPE Ambassador

How has this internship contributed to your career development?

“This internship contributed to my career development because it has taught me to be more open with others and never be afraid to generate a conversation. I plan to be an orthodontist, which means I will be talking to someone new everyday.” – Tré, NAACP intern

“I’ve made wonderful connections throughout my time as a SHPE ambassador and I’ve been able to further improve my professional skillset such as interviewing, building a resume, elevator pitch and so much more.” – Janelle, SHPE Ambassador

What advice would you give to a student who may be interested in joining an organization’s internship?

“If you are unsure or looking forward to joining an internship I say do it! Internships are great especially if you want to network and build on your career. Internships also allow me to look forward to something instead of just being stressed about school as well. Another reason why you should join an internship is because you gain skills and experiences that you can apply to the real world especially in your career.” – Tré, NAACP intern

“My advice for students looking to be an intern for any organization is to get involved! Meeting people in the club and getting to know how everything works can help you decide where you want to intern and give you insight to what the position will be like.” – Janelle, SHPE Ambassador

Becoming involved on campus in some capacity is a great tool to build your resumé and prepare yourself for your career goals and to encourage professional development. We are happy to have spoken with individuals with this experience to learn about the intricacies of an internship with a multicultural campus organization!

By Melissa Hewitt
Melissa Hewitt Student Director of Diversity