Student Organization Spotlight: The Women’s Network

This month, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development interviewed the Women’s Network. Read their responses below!

1. Can you tell me about your organization, including its overall mission and vision on campus? 

The Women’s Network is the largest collegiate women’s networking organization in North America. The Women’s Network (TWN) was created for ambitious women looking to grow professionally while being lifted by their community– so, we created a chapter at Binghamton University under this parent organization. TWN offers opportunities to gain exposure to the professional world, network with high-profile speakers, and meet peers around their campus and the country. TWN meets biweekly (twice a month) and holds speaker meetings, various networking events, resume, internship and LinkedIn workshops, alumni networking receptions and interactive activity sessions to develop relationships with fellow members. Our workshops and guest speakers help prepare students for their next steps and may open their eyes to paths they haven’t even considered. Our mission is to connect collegiate and recently graduated women and non-binary people to each other, and to industry leaders, while celebrating ambition. Our commitment is rooted in providing exceptional resources and networking opportunities for young women. We strive to foster a supportive environment where women empower each other, irrespective of background or industry aspirations. TWN serves as a beacon of empowerment, actively connecting members with industry leaders, facilitating access to unparalleled professional development resources, and unlocking doors to promising career opportunities. In essence, our goals aren’t singularly focused; they’re multifaceted and deeply rooted in the belief that every woman deserves a supportive network that celebrates her ambitions. TWN isn’t just another campus group; it’s a movement reshaping the narrative of women’s empowerment and networking, providing a space where ambitions flourish and barriers crumble.

2. What are a few upcoming events that your organization plans/is involved in?

Our diverse programs span leadership, recruiting, marketing, graphic design, and event planning, equipping members with comprehensive tools for holistic growth. We base our events based on the needs of the members. So, we have previously held discussions on Sexism in the Workplace, paired with Women in Business for a de-stress networking event, a collaboration with the Fleischman Center for a professional development workshop, and more! We work to enhance the goals of our members, so we are exploring interactive and engaging events for our members and their needs! Some upcoming events include a de-stress event, a LinkedIn headshot event, and a mocktail networking night– so stay tuned for those!

3. What skills can members gain from being a part of your organization?

The Women’s Network at Binghamton University will improve member’s lives in an array of ways. Our mission is founded on 5 core values: Community Focus, Integrity, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Leadership Development. Through these values, we will enable students to foster a non-competitive environment where women support and inspire one another through campus collaborations and internal and professional development. Through authenticity, we adapt and grow from the needs our members present. For example, through some discussions, we led a “Let’s Talk” Event, where members came together to talk about the realities of Sexism in the workplace. Through this safe environment, we allowed members to speak about their experiences and learn ways how to stand up for themselves and speak to the right resources. More so, leadership development will be incredibly important for Binghamton Students. As the recognition of being the public ivy, Binghamton University strives to provide their students with leadership development opportunities– The Women’s Network is no exception. From serving as President of a university’s TWN chapter to being a TWN Campus Ambassador, The Women’s Network nationals provide extensive and extraordinary training on their role, which develops their leadership skills, which can be applied beyond the function and boundaries of the organization. So, in total, the benefits of this organization are vast. From learning how to advance ones’ professional development, to getting leadership opportunities, and improving self-confidence, TWN strives to build a community of ambitious women and providing critical resources to help them achieve professional success. 

4. What advice might you give to fellow women on campus?

Women on campus possess a tremendous ability to channel their ambitions to achieve and attain their goals. TWN encourages women to seek their interests, explore new environments, and not be afraid to take risks. By taking risks and channeling authenticity, you can be surprised with the successes you can achieve. The Women Network discusses the realities of imposter syndrome, which is a phenomenon that refers to the feeling of inadequacy, despite being highly qualified and deserving of success. Thus, TWN encourages you to break down this phenomenon and be proud of your accomplishments and goals you are fulfilling. It is important to note that confidence can look however you want it to– so own it and be proud of yourself!

5. How can students connect with your organization?

By Alexandria Mavila
Alexandria Mavila Senior Peer Consultant