Ellipsis Literary Magazine


Group type: Student Association Organizations



We will be accepting submissions of prose, poetry, art, and photography through
our website, ellipsislitmag.com. There will be one or two printed publications each
semester (depending on the circumstances). Published works will be chosen by the
Ellipsis editorial staff. A literary magazine is a vital part of the college experience
and will be as inviting as possible and encourage submissions from every student on
campus. We want the entire process of submitting to be as interactive as possible,
incorporating students and teachers into the submission process. Submissions will
be posted on the website by students to be commented on by fellow students. The
website will become an interactive classroom with the goal of improving the way
students write creatively. The website credentials will be passed on to each new
e-board member.



To increase student engagement and display their works of talent in a magazine twice per academic year.