Undergraduate Art History Association


Group type: Student Association Organizations



Our objective is to enrich the educational experiences of undergraduate students interested in the study, practice, and theory of Art History and visual culture. We aspire to provide an intellectually stimulating and socially diverse environment outside of the classroom, which will contribute to the revitalization of the academic community of Binghamton University.



We seek to promote a more active interest in visual culture, to be realized through the following primary activities:

1. Organizing trips to accessible museums, galleries, and any other destination that would enhance our understanding of the study, practice, and discipline of art history, and of visual culture in general.

2. Initiating a consistent lecture series on subjects that will be both educational and beneficial to undergraduate (as well as graduate) students interested in the fields of Art History and Art.

3. Establishing positive communication and interaction between students interested in visual culture and also between those students and the Art History and Art faculties. The intention is that the Art History and Art Departments should assume a larger role in the general campus life of Binghamton University, with an emphasis on undergraduate life, through the organization of social events which would bring together this community.

4. Arranging for and participating in the display of student art work on campus.

5. Contributing towards the debates regarding curricular development of courses in the areas of Art History, Art, and aesthetics.