I Don’t Have An Internship For the Summer; Now What?

There are plenty of other valuable ways to enhance your career readiness outside of doing a summer internship! Consider investing in the following:



  • Use MentorMatch and the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to reach out to professionals who are already doing the career you are interested in! 
    • There are over 103,000 alumni to sort through on the LinkedIn Alumni Tool and there are about 300 mentors on MentorMatch that are related to the Human Services and Education fields.


  • Volunteer! Volunteer! And Volunteer some more! There are over 86,000 volunteer opportunities on Idealist and 13,000 of them are remote! Volunteering is a great way to gain relevant skills, build a strong network, and learn more about the career field you are interested in. 

Career Reflection:

  • This is a great time to reflect on your future plans! We have some great resources to help you reflect more on your career identity and connect which career paths best suit it! Consider using the Exploration Guide and Focus 2 to help you in this area! 


We are also open during the summer so don’t hesitate to make an in-person or virtual appointment with our Career Consultants


Happy Summer 2022 BearCats!!!

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Senior Career Consultant