Micro Internships With S&P 500 Companies

Micro Internships With S&P 500 Companies 

JP Morgan, Lululemon, Goldman Sachs, Lyft, Electronic Arts, and other S&P 500 companies are all organizations that you can start working for today. You don’t need to apply, you don’t need to be hired, all you need to do is go to theforage.com to make an account, and you can participate in work projects sponsored by these great companies.

The Forage is a website that features micro internships for a ton of large S&P 500 companies. These micro internship projects are 2-7 hour long projects that simulate a typical work assignment you would complete working for their organization.

This service is free for students and is sponsored by employers who pay for their projects to be featured on the job site. Employers want and encourage students to take on these different projects because they allow students to get professional experience while also allowing these businesses to recruit qualified workers. On Forage you have the option of allowing employers to view your completed submissions or you can opt to hide your work. If you allow employers to view your work they will be able to see completed simulated work projects you completed. This provides you with an advantage if you apply to work at these organizations.

Even if you don’t want to apply to all the organizations you complete micro internships for, it provides you with the chance to gain professional development experience. You can feature the different micro internships you complete on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or you can mention them in your cover letter when applying for jobs/ internships.

Here are some examples of the many different Forage micro internships available:

Banking: J.P Morgan Commercial Banking Virtual Experience 5 hours to complete

Marketing: Lululemon Virtual IDEA Global Internship: Omnichannel Marketing 2-2.5 hours to complete

Human Resources: GE Explorer Series: Human Resources Program 5-6 hours to complete

Sales: Red Bull Aviator Program: On-Premise Sales Virtual Experience Program 2-3 hours to complete

Accounting: PWC Financial Audit Virtual Case Experience 5-6 hours to complete


3 Great Locations to Find Internship Opportunities

Handshake is Binghamton University’s own job site also known as hirebing. Employers post jobs on our site when they want to hire BU students.

Careershift is a great internship search website because they pull jobs posted from employer websites and other online job boards.

LinkedIn is a wonderful job search engine for finding all types of internship opportunities in your desired industry.

By Michael Lorusso
Michael Lorusso Assistant Director of Internship Education