Gaining relevant work experience as a student is extremely important for your career success. Internships provide you with the opportunity to build your resume while also testing out positions to see what you like and don’t like. Internships are available with organization in a variety of fields—including research, finance, journalism, arts, education and health. Joining a company as an intern gives you the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment while developing skills outside of the classroom.

Some employers also use their internship programs as recruitment tools for full-time hires. Participating in an internship (paid, for academic credit, or unpaid) with an organization of interest is not only a way for you to gain real-world experience, but can also be an entry point for full-time employment.

Internship Benefits:

  • Gain practical, real-world experience
  • Exposure to different industries, career fields and employers
  • Apply your academic talents in the working world
  • Develop new skills
  • Gain networking opportunities

The Fleishman Center works with students to help with identifying internship searches, reviewing application materials and preparing for interviews.

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