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The ARTS & COMMUNICATION career cluster includes careers that utilize written and verbal communication, creative expression, and artistic skills through a variety of mediums. Explore opportunities in the arts, communications, media, marketing, design, and other roles related to these areas.

Tips and Tricks to Become an Expert in Networking

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” 

This is a statement we have all probably heard before. Of course, it is so important to have a solid set of relevant skills, but networking can be what gets you …

By Catherine Cursio
Catherine Cursio
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Mark Your Calendar! October at Fleishman – Arts & Communication

This fall is jam packed with events at the Fleishman Center! Check out this list of recruiter events, information sessions, and professional development opportunities specifically for Arts & Communication students. Click on the links for each event for more information …

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant
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The Benefits of Side Hustles: How Binghamton students are creating small businesses and developing skills

Nationally, there has been a trend of consumers moving away from mass produced goods and fast fashion in favor of smaller sellers who offer unique pieces with a personalized touch. In this space, several Binghamton students have been able to …

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant
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Arts and Communication employers you should meet at the Virtual Job & Internship Fair

There are 120+ employers at the Virtual Job & Internship Fair this Wednesday–but which ones would be a good fit for you? Use this mind map as a way to explore employers and get an idea of which comapnies match …

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant
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Art Communities Alliance: Residency Programs Profiles

Artist residencies provide artists, scholars, educators and other creative professionals with time, space and resources to work, individually or collectively, …

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DutchCulture | TransArtists combines and shares knowledge and experience on artist-in-residence programmes and other international opportunities for creative professionals to temporarily …

Res Artis: Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies

Uncover open calls for arts residency applications, and find news, events and residencies

Smithsonian Fellowships and Internships

Hundreds of graduate students and holders of doctorates come to the Smithsonian to do independent research under the guidance of …

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) – Job Board

New York Foundation for the Arts empowers the creative community by providing critical support, resources, and opportunities.

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