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The ARTS & COMMUNICATION career cluster includes careers that utilize written and verbal communication, creative expression, and artistic skills through a variety of mediums. Explore opportunities in the arts, communications, media, marketing, design, and other roles related to these areas.

Cool Careers: Q&A with Riana Moriello ’14, Events Manager at ESPN

Are you interested in bringing people together, communication, and sports or entertainment? A career in Events Management might be a great fit for you! Events Managers are responsible for creating, planning, and setting up events. It’s a creative, hands-on job …

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant
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Networking Opportunities On Campus

The Binghamton University campus is like a small city, and there are over 1,000 campus employees who perform the necessary functions to keep it operational–including a series of offices with Arts and Communication-related focuses! The professionals in these offices have …

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant
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Building Skills for a Career in Arts and Communication

When applying for jobs and internships, it is common to find a section on the application that lists skills or qualifications that employers are looking for. These skills and qualifications can range from technical skills such as being familiar with …

By Jenny Li
Jenny Li Senior Peer Consultant
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Start Applying to Summer Internships Now!

As we get towards the middle of the semester, you may be asking yourself when you should start looking for internships for the summer. While it is true that different fields have different timelines, it never hurts to start looking …

By Stephanie Ramirez-Cisneros
Stephanie Ramirez-Cisneros Senior Peer Consultant
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Featured Resources

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Wherever you are in your career—novice, developing, or established—The Open Notebook’s Science Journalism Master Classes will help you sharpen your …

Art Communities Alliance: Residency Programs Profiles

Artist residencies provide artists, scholars, educators and other creative professionals with time, space and resources to work, individually or collectively, …

DutchCulture | TransArtists

DutchCulture | TransArtists combines and shares knowledge and experience on artist-in-residence programmes and other international opportunities for creative professionals to temporarily …

Res Artis: Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies

Uncover open calls for arts residency applications, and find news, events and residencies

Smithsonian Fellowships and Internships

Hundreds of graduate students and holders of doctorates come to the Smithsonian to do independent research under the guidance of …

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) – Job Board

New York Foundation for the Arts empowers the creative community by providing critical support, resources, and opportunities.

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