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The SCIENCE & HEALTHCARE career cluster includes careers paths that utilize strong math, science, and analytical abilities, as well as an interest in helping others or contributing to scientific research. Explore opportunities in healthcare and health related fields, as well as roles in laboratory settings, pharmaceutical research and development, or scientific research in academic and industry settings.

Exploring Career Options Outside of the Lab

Read about one post-doc’s path to a career as a medical writer. Using networking and informational interviewing this scientist was able to expand their career knowledge and connections to forge a new path in a career they had never considered. …

By Erica Kryst, PhD
Erica Kryst, PhD Senior Associate Director, Career Experiences and Education
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Would you like to join a healthcare student organization?

We understand that due to our worldwide health crisis, it’s more complicated to be involved in organizations on campus. But don’t worry about it, Binghamton University has made it possible for student organizations to switch to a virtual world and …

By Paola Quinde
Paola Quinde
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What is an Accelerated Nursing Program?

Students choose to pursue an accelerated nursing program for a variety of reasons. Some students may have graduated with a different degree while others may already be working in a different career field but are considering a career change. Regardless …

By Jenny Li
Jenny Li Senior Peer Consultant
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5 Strategies for Gaining Research Experience

What do you imagine when you think of “research”? You might initially visualize laboratories, chemicals and test tubes, or scientists in lab coats. While this is correct, research encompasses so much more than physical experiments and is definitely not limited …

By Jenny Li
Jenny Li Senior Peer Consultant
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Featured Resources

HOSA is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human …

Peer advisors for The Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences share their knowledge on the admission process, program requirements, …

Job and internship platform for students interested in life science.

Explore free, high-quality and interactive compentency based public health and subject-related trainings.

Collection of research-specific career resources, research program databases and funding opportunities for research-oriented opportunities.

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