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The GOVERNMENT, POLICY, & LAW career cluster focuses on careers that emphasize strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and/or an interest in influencing local, national, and international policies. Explore careers that serve the public good including politics, local, state, and federal government opportunities, international relations, law and national security.

CDCI Internships: Interning with the NYS Supreme Court

This semester, I had the opportunity to intern for a judge at the New York State Supreme court. It was an extremely rewarding experience, as I got to observe oral arguments in court as well as contribute to the publication …

By Laura Saliy
Laura Saliy
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CDCI Internships: My Legal Internship

During my time at the Broome County District Attorney’s Office, I gained many integral skills for pursuing a career in law. I hope to secure a legal assistant or paralegal position in the greater New York City metropolitan area, and …

By Stephen Wolf
Stephen Wolf
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CDCI Internships: What I Learned from my DEI Internship

Henkel Corporation’s DEI Internship Overview:

Recently, I had the honor of working at Henkel Corporation as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Intern for the North American division. I partnered closely with our Human Resources team on various DEI projects including …

By Juan Pena
Juan Pena
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How to Negotiate Your Salary with Accuracy: Job Market Insights Tool

Salary negotiations can be difficult—especially when you’re not sure what your salary expectations should be in the first place. Sometimes LinkedIn estimations are inconsistent, sometimes Glassdoor can only give you insights in “low confidence.” If you’re applying to both remote …

By Calista Requijo
Calista Requijo Marketing Graduate Assistant
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