International Students

This affinity group will help connect you to other students that can relate to your experience as an international student, as well as resources to assist you as you explore career interests and prepare for your future. 

See below to find resources, opportunities, and programs related to:

  • Connecting to other international students

  • The job search in your home country, abroad or in the United States

  • Information and techniques to adapt your job search to the location’s laws, culture and societal norms

How can international students get tech jobs in the US?

This recent article on Interstride gave great insight for international students with a STEM background who are seeking technology jobs in the U.S. Since the hiring process for international students can be more challenging due to them needing a visa …

By Ozzy Girit Heck (Ph.D.)
Ozzy Girit Heck (Ph.D.) Career Success Program Specialist
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Student Organization Spotlight: The Women’s Network

This month, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development interviewed the Women’s Network. Read their responses below!

1. Can you tell me about your organization, including its overall mission and vision on campus? 

The Women’s Network is the largest …

By Alexandria Mavila
Alexandria Mavila Senior Peer Consultant
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Finding a job in Higher Education (Faculty Position)

Before I came to the United States for my graduate education, I worked as a political campaigner, social activist, radio host and researcher during Taiwan’s democratization. Initially, I simply wanted to renew my knowledge by getting a master’s degree, and …

By Hsin-Yen Yang
Hsin-Yen Yang Professor of Communication Studies
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International Alumna’s Career Journey-Luvpreet Kaur BU ’20 MS Electrical and Computer Engineering

Luvpeet Kaur, Binghamton University ’20, is a Software Engineer- R&D Sustaining at Insulet

Hey there! If you are an international student dreaming of working in the United States after graduation, you are not alone. Many of us have embarked on …

By Luvpeet Kaur
Luvpeet Kaur
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Big Interview

Online interview practice platform that allows you to respond to interview questions through video.
Simply respond to interview questions through …

International Student Career Success Week

September 5–8 | Programs at noon daily

Join the Fleishman Career Center, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), Watson Career and …


Forage is an online resource which offers virtual experience programs designed by leading companies, including Citi, KPMG, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, …

View a list of top companies that hire F1 OPT  international students in the USA!

View a list of top companies that hire international students on OPT and sponsor H1b visas!

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