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International Students

As an international student you may find yourself in a unique position while attending Binghamton University.  It may be hard to connect with other college students navigating experiences much different from yours or you may face challenges connecting due to different cultural norms or colloquialisms.  You may also be searching for someone from your home country to provide familiarity and understanding to your new environment.  This affinity group will help connect you to other students that can relate to your experience, as well as resources to assist you as you explore career interests and prepare for your future. 

On the other hand, you may find yourself faced with the decision to pursue a job in your home country or in the United States. Regardless of where you choose to pursue a job, you will need to adapt your job search techniques to the location’s laws, cultural and societal norms. In your plan to pursue career opportunities in the U.S., the research you do in advance will increase your chances of a successful job search.

The sections below cover some of the strategies, techniques, and resources international students can utilize for a U.S. job search.

10 Companies That Hire International Students For Valuable Internships

Looking for employers that hire international students and not quite sure where to begin? Here are 10 companies that hire international students: Read full article at


By Alissa Strong
Alissa Strong Sr. Asst. Director, Technology Innovation & Marketing Alissa Strong
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Finding Employers with Inclusive Work Cultures: The Corporate Equality Index

For many people, finding a job isn’t just about securing a paycheck. It’s about finding an environment that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, and that offers a welcoming and inclusive environment to do so. 

But how do you …

By Erin Wise
Erin Wise Erin Wise
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10 Tips for International Students Entering the U.S. Workforce

This article is from ‘The International Advantage’ website. Check it out here to view the original article and for other resources on getting noticed and hired!

With graduation fast approaching at universities across the country, many international students will be …

By Erin Wise
Erin Wise Erin Wise
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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What Are They and How Can You Show Them Off in Your Job Search?

There’s no way around it. In your job hunt, your skills matter. They tell potential employers not only what you can do, but how you can do it and even who you are. All your skills can generally be divided …

By Erin Wise
Erin Wise Erin Wise
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International Student Career Success Week
Spring International Student Career Success Series:
March 2-4, 2021

Every semester the Fleishman Center works with ISSS, the International Student …

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