Preparing for the Job and Internship Fair

How to Prepare for the Job and Internship Fair

Before the fair…

  1. Register. Although registration is not required, it is recommended that you register in advance for the Job and Internship Fairs.
    • You are not expected to attend the entire time–just what works for your schedule.
    • Bring your student ID as it will be needed for check-in.
  2. Update your resume/CV and hireBING account.
    • Your resume or CV needs to be top-notch! You can use samples from the Fleishman Center’s Career Guide as reference, or download editable templates from our website. Meet with a Fleishman Center staff member by scheduling an appointment in hireBING for feedback.
    • Please make sure your hireBING account is updated with your correct name, major and class year. The nametag you receive at check-in will automatically print with the information on your hireBING account.
  3. Get ready to make a strong first impression. It’s important to make a strong and professional first impression when connecting with employers. The following tips will help you to stand out when meeting a recruiter for the first time:
    • Prepare professional attire. It is recommended that students wear business casual at a minimum. If you do not have professional clothing, the JCPenney Suit-Up from 6–9 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 18 will allow Binghamton students, staff, and alumni to purchase professional clothing with an exclusive discount.
    • Print out copies of your resume or CV and have them in a folder or padfolio.
    • Practice what you will say to employers aloud with friends, family, or a Fleishman staff member. This will help you speak more confidently at the fair.
  4. Research the employers. Researching the employers ahead of time will help determine who you would like to meet at the fair, as well as uncover the positions that have already been posted in hireBING.
    • Look through the list of attending employers and see which ones have roles in your career cluster. Note that new employers are registering every day, so more will be added to this between now and the day of the fair. Check back regularly for new additions! Employers attending the STEM Fair | Employers attending the all majors fair
    • Going into the job and internship fair with a plan of who you would like to meet and a few talking points based on your research will increase your fair day confidence exponentially!
    • Conversations with recruiters should be a two-way street. Be sure to prepare a few questions to make the most out of your interactions and demonstrate your interest.
  5. Practice your elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is your formal introduction and the way you will begin conversations with employers at the job and internship fair.
    • Tips can be found in our Career Guide, and you might find it helpful to watch a video for some ideas.
    • Practice your pitch out loud by using Big Interview (answer the “tell me about yourself question”) or stopping into The Fleishman Career Center during walk-in hours for feedback.

During the fair…

  1. Be confident! If you are prepared, friendly, well-practiced, and follow up with your new connections — you’ll be well on your way to making a great impression with recruiters!
  2. Navigate the fair with Handshake. When you arrive at the fair, you can utilize the Handshake app on your smartphone to help you find the employers you researched. The app is available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store and will feature a map of employer booths in real time.
  3. Ask questions! You likely prepared a few questions for employers that you researched. If you stop at the booth for an employer who you did not research before the fair, use the following general questions as a guide to start your conversation:
    • What is your favorite thing about working at Company X?
    • How can I stand out as an applicant at Company X?
    • What kinds of qualities make someone successful at Company X?

After the fair…

  1. Follow up with your new connections. Whether it is an email or sending a connection request on LinkedIn, following up with recruiters you met will help create strong relationships and open the door to future questions about their company.
  2. Apply to positions. Did you hear about any opportunities you are interested in applying for? Be sure to tailor your application materials and stop in The Fleishman Career Center if you would like feedback before applying!
  3. Finding opportunities after the fair is over.
    • In addition to attending the fair, there are a number of other ways to secure job and internship opportunities. Utilize hireBING and conduct your own research to find opportunities through various websites and personal networking. The Fleishman Center sponsors several employer information sessions and networking events throughout the academic year. For additional information about the fairs or hireBING, please email

If you have questions about any Fleishman Center services or need help preparing for the job fair, please contact us at, or stop by our office in UU-133A!

Schedule a career consulting appointment in hireBING

Fleishman Center staff are ready to help with anything fair-related including:

  • Determining which employers you should meet with at the fair based on your interests
  • Feedback on your 30 second commercial and tips on speaking with recruiters
  • Resume/CV reviews
  • Any fair-related question!
  • Job/Internship searching beyond the fair